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This game is about the journey of a dragon, beginning right from the start: Popping out of the egg! 
As a baby dragon, you will encounter many obstacles and difficulties, but as you get more experienced, your dragon gets too. It will learn new abilities, evolve and grow up as you progress.

Burning Instinct is a hard sidescrolling platformer with "Metroidvania"-like aspects. Secrets are hiding in every corner, and challenging bosses await you in over 90 screens of gameplay!

Key Elements

Play as a dragon
Huge connected world to explore
Levelling system
Grow up from baby to adult dragon
Learn different abilities / attacks
Choose how YOU want to approach a conflict
Heavy Symbolism

Also, test the free demo if you're not sure if you will like it!


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

BurningInstinct.exe 93 MB

Download demo

BurningInstinctDEMO.exe 35 MB


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Looks good. I'd like to know though - what's the difference between the demo and the real thing?

Thanks for your interest! The difference is that you can only access about 2 areas of the game, with the first boss included in the demo. Also max. level is only 5 instead of 30, which means that the dragon cant evolve fully. That's basically all the changes there are.

You can also use the save data from the demo (sav.arr) in the main game if you decide to get it, and continue where you left off.



Cool. Do you plan to put it on steam? It's different to what most people play, so it stands out. And steam has more users than itch.

It's been on steam weeks before i put it on itch.io^^ So yeah, you can get it there too (with achievements etc.)

Yay! ...probably should have searched steam first...